There are more than 30,000,000 unredeemed Savings Bonds dating back to the 1940’s that have reached final maturity, totaling approximately $13 billion in unclaimed assets. Legislation has been introduced that establishes a system for returning this property back to its rightful owners.

This initiative will require many complex steps that will include a massive review of old ownership records in order to validate addresses, deliver bond records to the correct states, and locate owners. Click Here to learn more about the Abandoned Property Escheat Assignment & Reporting System (APEARS®, US Patent no. 7,788,187), an automated system that will facilitate the identification, verification, and reunification effort.

   $18-Billion-Of-Unclaimed-Cash breakdown by Federal Agency   Updated as of 11/11/2013
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   NAUPA Policy Statement & Fact Sheet    Updated

New information will be posted to this site as it becomes available, including resources for corporations looking to assist in the review & reunification effort, and for individuals wishing to learn how to search for lost bonds. In the meantime, companies interested in pursuing partnership opportunities, please contact .

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